Cardstock Embroidery Tutorial

Cardstock Embroidery Project Requirements:

1. Heavy-weight cardstock, watercolor paper, or handmade paper
2. 75/11 sharp embroidery machine needle
3. Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer
4. Accent paper
5. Temporary spray adhesive
6. Glue stick
7. Scissors

Choose a paper.

You can use heavy-weight cardstock, handmade paper, or watercolor paper for
cardstock embroidery projects.

When you have chosen the paper, fold it in half and cut it to the desired size.
Make it according to the embroidery design size.

Make it 3.5" x 5.0" for 3.25" x 4.75" design size.
Make it 4.0" x 5.75" for 3.75" x 5.5" design size.
Make it 5.0" x 7.0" for 4.5" x 6.6" design size.

You may slightly increase or decrease the card size according to your needs

Hoop a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer. Ensure that it is tight in the hoop and does not have wrinkles.

Locate the front half of the folded card where you'll be stitching out the design.
Spray temporary adhesive on the back side (from the edges of the paper to the fold) of that front half.

Be careful not to spray temporary adhesive on the rest of the card, as it will make it sticky. After spraying temporary adhesive on the card, place it on the hooped stabilizer.

Attach the hoop onto the machine, and load the embroidery design.

It is important to use a sharp 75/11 needle to prevent the embroidery from simply cutting up the paper as a result of the perforations in the paper.

Start Embroidering the design.

If the paper seems to rip or tear while embroidering, try embroidering on a higher-quality paper with longer fibers (such as handmade or watercolor paper), and use a sharp 75/11 needle.

Unhoop the stabilizer and cut the excess stabilizer after you have finished embroidering the design.

Afterward, cut a piece of accent paper that fits one-half of the folded card.

Use a glue stick to attach it to the back of the embroidery. It will conceal the back side of the embroidery and stabilizer.

Congratulations! You have completed the cardstock embroidery project!

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