In The Hoop (ITH) Bookmark Embroidery Tutorial

ITH Bookmark Embroidery Project Requirements:

1. Denim, canvas, twill, or similar fabric
2. Tear-away stabilizer
3. Medium-weight cutaway stabilizer
4. Temporary spray adhesive

5. Scissors


1. Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer and attach it to your embroidery machine. 

2. Load the embroidery design, stitch out the first step (the placement line), and then stop.

3. Cut a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer and fabric, slightly larger than the placement line.

4. Use temporary spray adhesive to attach the stabilizer and fabric, then place them over the placement line.

5. Stitch out the tack-down zigzag outline, continue embroidering the design, and stop before the next tack-down zigzag outline (refer to the color chart).

6. Remove the hoop and attach a piece of the same fabric to the backside using temporary spray adhesive.

7. Reattach the hoop to the machine, stitch out the tack-down zigzag outline, and then stop.

8. Remove the hoop, then cut the fabric around the zigzag outline from both sides.

9. Wind a bobbin with thread that matches the color of the last step in the color chart.

10. Reattach the hoop to the machine, then stitch out the final satin stitch outline using the bobbin with the same color thread.

11. Remove the hoop, unhoop the stabilizer, and slowly tear it away.

Congratulations! You have completed the bookmark embroidery project!

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